Credit Disputes & Errors


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credit report dispute

Credit reporting is big business. Creditors report to credit bureaus whether you pay your account on time, pay late, or make no payment.

Credit bureaus then place all this information in your personal credit file – where it is OPEN for creditors, employers, and insurers to review when deciding whether to loan you money, offer you credit, offer you a job or offer insurance coverage.

You are entitled to a credit report without incorrect data or outdated information. If your credit report has incorrect information, you must dispute the information with the credit bureaus. If you have already disputed the incorrect information and it has not been removed from your credit report, please contact us for help. The next step may be litigation.

Does your credit report contain errors?

YOU have the primary responsibility for reviewing your report for accuracy, having errors corrected, and generally enforcing your rights under State and Federal laws.

When you are dealing with complex credit issues, like post-bankruptcy credit reporting or identity theft, please give us a call.

Your Rights

Federal law gives you the right to know what is contained in your credit file. To review your credit report for free, go to

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.