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Credit reporting is big business.

Credit Card Lawsuits

Have you been sued by a credit card company?

Debt Collection Abuse

Are you being harrassed by a debt collector?


Angela R. Owens, Attorney

Dallas Credit Card Debt Collection Defense Attorney

When Dallas credit card debt is starting to create a headache in your life and you don’t know what to do, lean on the Law Office of Angela Owens. With extensive experience in all things credit card debt and credit reporting, we can help you through these turbulent financial times.

As a skilled debt collection attorney in Dallas TX, we specialize in a number of areas, providing close, personal attention to each and every one of our clients.

  • Credit card lawsuits: When a credit card company or debt collector files a lawsuit against you, we provide the needed experience to help walk you through it. It’s important that you access the details of your account and check it over thoroughly to make sure the credit card company or debt collector can legally collect on the debt. If your case reaches a courtroom, we will represent you.
  • Debt collection abuse: A strong, confident defense attorney in Dallas TX is often needed to meet debt collectors head-on. While not every debt collector breaks the law or operates unethically, there are certainly many horror stories out there. Some unscrupulous debt collectors can even go as far as threats of physical violence to collect on Dallas credit card debt. You are protected from this behavior under federal and state laws. We will take these collectors to task!
  • Credit report corrections: While The Law Office of Angela Owens might be known as a premier debt collection attorney in Dallas TX, we can also help you rectify inaccurate information on your credit report. This can be a timely or futile process when you try to do it yourself, so make sure you have professional experience on your side.

The scope of our services does not end there, either. At The Law Office of Angela Owens, we work with men and women that are looking to settle debt with their creditors, or even face more complex credit reporting needs, like post-bankruptcy credit reporting. Your credit card collection attorney in Dallas TX will be accessible and helpful in all phases of your case.

A firm knowledge of the industry and its rules and regulations are a must in order to provide sound advice. This is exactly what you get when you work with The Law Office of Angela Owens.

Don’t let these types of financial hardships cause you to lose sleep. When you face significant Dallas credit card debt or other forms of credit problems, contact our office and schedule a free consultation appointment.